How do I sell my items?
You must first register before you can sell. Once you register here, you then click SELL and start listing your items.

How will I be notified if a buyer is interested?
A buyer will click the button "Contact Seller" and send you a message. This message will be delivered to the email you registered with.

Can I sell my product directly and receive payment online through Beauty on Stage?
No, our website is a platform that allows you to commicate directly with the seller privately via email. All we ask is it that once the item is sold please mark it as sold.

Once my item is sold, how do I mark it as sold?
You must log into your account, scroll down the tabs on the left hand side and click PRODUCT. Your listings will then populate. Click on your listing, then on the bottom click the drop down box and select SOLD.



What currency are the items listed in?