Step on stage with ultimate confidence!

Beauty on Stage is the largest global platform that allows you to buy and sell stage wear for all your upcoming shows.

With years of experience in the competing realm, we understand that getting on stage can become quite expensive so we have a created a platform that allows you to purchase stage needs at affordable prices and also give you the opportunity to sell your items.

With global designers and world class attire, there is nothing you can't find here to help you step on stage with ultimate confidence.

BUT that's not all we have to offer!

We also provide you with your all you back stage needs with a team specialising in posing, tanning, hair/make-up, bikini fitting and photography. We are proud to be a Middle East first in providing such backstage support.

We have had appearances in multiple Dubai based shows and are extending our services globally.

Meet the Founder

Robyn has extensive years of experience as an athlete, transitioning from an elite basketballer to an international bikini model competitor.

Not only does she understand the dedication, passion and sacrifices it takes to commit to goals as an athlete, but as competitor herself, she truly understand the 'behind the scenes' sacrifices and dedication made.

With her health and beauty background, combined with her marketing communications degree, Beauty On Stage was given birth!